NSci590 (Fall 2005) - General Information


Organizational meeting Sep 5, 2005; 4pm, TAC N205.

Meetings are Fridays 3:30-5:00PM in the Giarman Room (SHM B201), except for 9/23, when we'll meet at 9:30-11:00AM (room to be determined).

Course Requirements

  • This course depends on class participation. To encourage participation, 1-2 people will be responsible for guiding the discussion (with my help) each session. When presenting, you're always welcome to ask me for help or information. Presentations should take the form of a guided discussion, not a figure-by-figure powerpoint presentation.
  • All attendees, even if you're just auditing, will be assigned at least one topic. It's critical that everyone (student or postdoc; for credit or auditing) read the assigned papers and be prepared to discuss them.
  • If you are taking the course for credit, you will also be required to write in a term paper on a neuroethology topic of your choice. Grades will be based the paper and degree of class participation.

Questions? Problems? Contact me at james.mazer@yale.edu or 7-5853