Other vision and natural scene labs

– [Golomb lab]( at OSU
– [Schiller lab]( at MIT
– [Gallant lab]( at UC Berkeley
– [Theunissen lab]( at UC Berkeley
– [Olshausen lab (Redwood Center) at UC Berkeley](
– [Lewicki lab]( — scenes AND sounds
– [Simoncelli lab]( at NYU
– [Reinagel]( lab at UCSD
– [David]( lab at OHSU

Useful links (code, tools and info we use)

– [strfpak]( — spatiotemporal/spectrotemporal receptive field estimation tools (matlab)
– [SR Research]( — non-invasive IR eye trackers
– [Tucker Davis Tech]( — neurophysiology gear
– [Plexon Inc]( — more neurophys gear
– [Vision Science](